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Price Includes:  a 2 oz. canister ($16.95 value) of *Guardian CLEAR pepper vapor                          provided by Guardian Protective Devices Inc. of West Berlin, NJ   –  and FREE SHIPPING.

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  • One PEPPERALARM™ dispenser device
  • Three (3) wireless arm/disarm key fobs
  • Two mounting screws
  • Written operating instructions
  • 3 exterior vinyl WARNING decals
  • One complimentary 2 ounce canister of Guardian Clear O/C Pepperspray ($16.95 value)


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Safe, and  Secure Ordering



This device is a complete alarm system, with PIR motion activation, strobe lights, siren and three time delay relay switches. It can be professionally installed, integrated into your existing monitored alarm system. As a battery operated stand alone device you can also easily install it in less than ten minutes with the two included mounting screws. Three wireless key fobs allow you to automatically arm and disarm the system, with more fobs available if you require them. High visibility warning labels can be placed at the entry points warning thieves that they are entering at their own risk.

****We cannot be liable for intentional misuse of this product. Warning, intentional misuse can cause harm to others. Use as directed.
***We recommend you check with your local and state laws regarding the use of pepper spray.                                **The PEPPERALARM™ is not available for sale in Canada.

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