the “ultimate” ROBBER STOPPER!  


  • designed for INDOOR applications – FCC certification
  • built-in PIR motion detector and WARNING strobe lights with loud siren
  • concealed emergency shut off switch
  • adjustable ENTRY time delay / 90 second EXIT time delay
  • low battery indicator – 6 AA batteries
  • ARM/DISARM via remote key fob
  • automatic reset and panic mode (hold-up) capability
  • range of vapor emission from 900 to 1800 square feet
  • wireless, easy do-it-yourself installation – just a few minutes
  • compact and discreet – 5″W x 9 3/4″ L x 3″ D
  • easy load of canister and batteries without tools
  • accommodates various sizes of MK3 fliptop canisters*   
  • no contract to sign or monthly monitoring fee
  • world-wide patent pending

Inside view: spray canister plunger, 3  switch time delay settings, battery compartments



PIC 1 box artworkOne PEPPERALARM™ dispenser

> Two 2 ounce canisters Guardian CLEAR vapor irritant

> Two mounting screws

> Three (3) wireless arm/disarm key fobs

> Written operating instructions

> Three (3) exterior vinyl WARNING decals


Pay Only *$298.00  –  FREE SHIPPING – USA

*Includes TWO FREE 2 oz. canisters ($40.00 value) of **Guardian CLEAR vapor irritant
provided by Guardian Protective Devices Inc. of West Berlin, NJ

The powerful commercial strength pepper spray vapor formula differs importantly from other marketed pepper sprays as it is completely clear and is recommended for all INDOOR applications as it **DOES NOT LEAVE STAINS with virtually no clean-up required. 

For additional 2 oz or 4 oz canisters and key fobs please contact sales@pepperalarm.com or 1-701-850-1242.           

Same day shipping is available for orders placed before 11:30 a.m. CST

*The MK3 canister flip top must have ‘grip grooves’ located on both sides of the top (as shown in the picture).   

This style of canister head is the ONLY style that will fit in the alarm device. 

PEPPERALARM™ will accommodate various sizes of pepper spray canisters. The size of canister selected will depend on the size of the area to be protected. 

The canister will completely empty upon activation. For example a 2 ounce cannister will coveran area up to 900 sq. ft. in just 5 seconds.                                                                                                                                           

                                                         Some brands of Dog/Animal repellent canisters will also fit into the alarm unit.



  PEPPERALARM™  physically STOPS thieves from stealing IMMEDIATELY!

  For more information contact info@robberstopper.com

 or 1-701-850-1242



 pepperALARM™ Do It Yourself Easy Installation

This unique, wireless alarm – not your typical alarm can be easily installed in a corner or on a flat surface area in less than 15 minutes using a Phillips head screw driver. It can be placed almost anywhere but for indoor applications we highly recommend placing it at least 7 feet above the floor, eg. above an exit door, facing inwards toward the area you want protected.


USER Friendly

To ARM the device: face toward the installed device at a range of 8 to 12 feet and point the keyfob directly at it and press the left red (A) button until the device chirps once.

To DISARM the device: face toward the device and press the right green (D) button of the key fob until the device chirps twice.

It is just that easy.


BEFORE inserting the ‘live’ vapor canister into the alarm device arm and disarm the device a few times with each of the 3 key fobs provided. Then snap off the safety flap on the top of the canister before inserting. (See Operating Instruction video below).



PEPPERALARM’s panic mode capabilities can be used to protect your family against possible HOME INVASIONS or to aid employees from the threat of armed robbery.

When the device is not armed and you want to engage the panic mode, simply press down both the A and D buttons on the key fob at the same time and hold till the device begins to disburse the pepper spray vapor. Then release the buttons and the spray will stop.

To learn how the PEPPERALARM™ device operates and how to insert the pepper spray canister we recommend viewing the Operating Instructions video below.


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