PEPPERALARM™ – not a typical alarm – is a wireless alarm device that when activated emits pepper spray to effectively DEFEND your place of business or residence 

Watch as our video demonstrates the benefit of using PEPPERALARM™over a regular burglar alarm system



FACT: Burglar alarms by themselves DO NOT STOP thieves from stealing.

There is always a window of opportunity between alarm activation and actual response time.  According to FBI statistics the average smash and grab robbery can take less than 40 seconds and thieves are usually long gone before local police or security can possibly arrive.

NOW there is a SOLUTION to this BIG problem – PEPPERALARM  


This user friendly, wireless alarm device was developed to be combined together with your existing burglar alarm system that will provide an IMMEDIATE LEVEL OF ADDED SECURITY PROTECTION.

When the device is paired with pepper spray and becomes activated by intruders, the pepper irritant formula is released immediately into the air, quickly forcing the would be thieves to flee the protected area immediately, empty handed.

PEPPERALARM™ will accommodate most brands of pepper spray, however we highly recommend Guardian CLEAR pepper spray vapor. The completely clear, powerful, non-lethal, commercial grade irritant formula differs importantly from the others as it DOES NOT LEAVE STAINS.

This unique pepper spray dispenser device can also be used as an independent, do-it-yourself, stand alone wireless alarm. The simplicity of the installation of this wireless alarm makes PEPPERALARM™ a great choice for protecting businesses after hours, homes, garages, cabins, workshops, trailers, construction site job boxes, storage areas, RV’s, trailers, gun safes, anywhere safety and security is deemed a high priority.

Protect your valuables with PepperAlarm

This affordable device can even be installed in the back of service vehicles to protect tools and equipment from theft.

Wherever you choose to install, this unique wireless alarm will phyically STOP the possibility of smash and grab theft IMMEDIATELY.

Best of all, there is no contract to sign or monthly monitoring fee required.


PEPPERALARM™ is like having an armed guard DEFENDING your valuables when you’re NOT AROUND



PEPPERALARM™ provides peace of mind because you will know without a doubt that you are protecting your valuables the best that you can.


PEPPERALARM™ is more than just an alarm system . . .

it’s a real ROBBER STOPPER!


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