PEPPERALARM™ effectively DEFENDS against attempts at break and enter theft



When this device is activated by an intruder strobe lights flash, a high decibel siren sounds and

a blast of potent CLEAR irritant vapor is released into the air of the protected area

physically forcing would be thieves to flee the area IMMEDIATELY EMPTY HANDED.

PEPPERALARM™ is like having an armed guard DEFENDING your valuables, when you’re NOT AROUND

The video below demonstrates the benefit of using PEPPERALARM™ over a regular burglar alarm system

FACT:  Regular burglar alarms and camera systems do not prevent thieves from stealing. These devices are strictly for detection and are only as good as the police or security response time.

According to FBI statistics the average smash and grab robbery can take less than 40 SECONDS. This window of opportunity allows thieves to steal whatever they want and are usually long gone before the authorities can possibly arrive.


This user friendly device was originally developed to be an add-on accessory to upgrade existing burglar alarm systems. Simply combine it along side your alarm and TOGETHER they will provide an added level of security protection.

The unique pepper vapor dispenser device can also be installed as a stand alone, independent alarm system.

An important feature of the completely “clear” irritant vapor from other marketed pepper sprays


The simplicity of installation and affordability of this wireless alarm makes PEPPERALARM™ a great choice to effectively defend: 

  • businessess after hous
  • garages
  • workshops
  • storage areas
  • boat houses/yachts

  • homes
  • cabins
  • construction site trailers/job boxes
  • RV’s, campers
  • gun rooms/safes

  •  in the back of service vehicles to protect tools and equipment from being stolen.
  • Virtually anywhere safety and security is deemed a high priority.

Affordably Priced at $299 USD

 FREE shipping within Continental USA

Limited Time Sale – Save $50 – pay just $249 USD until April 14, 2019

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PEPPERALARM™ provides peace of mind because you will know without a doubt that you are protecting your valuables the best that you can.

PEPPERALARM™ is more than just an alarm system . . .

it’s a real ROBBER STOPPER!



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