All It Took Was Twenty Nine Seconds

Actual Surveillance Video Footage Shows A Thief Stealing Over $11 000 Worth Of Guns And Ammo And Getting Away With It.

FACT: Typical alarm systems DO NOT STOP robberies from occurring.

Most thieves know there is always a period of time that occurs between an alarm activation and the actual response time. This delay allows them plenty of time to break in, look around, steal whatever they want and are usually long gone before the local police or a security company can possibly respond.

The owner of the gun store in this video thought he was well protected by having steel security bars on the windows and doors, a CCTV surveillance camera and a monitored “silent” alarm system installed, but his store was still ROBBED.

This scenario happens far too often . . .

“Now there is a solution to this BIG problem.”

 Introducing PEPPERALARM™ – the ANTI-THEFT solution


PEPPERALARM™, a user-friendly, wireless alarm device was initially developed to DEFEND businesses after hours, however, it can be installed anywhere safety and security is deemed to be a high priority.

Some other suggested applications are in the back of service vehicles, storage lockers, workshops, garages, sea-can containers, tool sheds, RVs, cabins, homes, trailers, etc. to effectively protect tools and equipment from attempts at smash and grab theft.

This unique device also has emergency PANIC mode capabiiity.

 PEPPERALARM is like having an armed guard protecting your   inventory, tools, and valuables when you’re NOT AROUND.

PEPPERALARM™ provides peace of mind because you will know without a doubt that you, your premises and your valuables are safe and secure.

Best of all, there is NO contract to sign and NO monthly monitoring fee.

For more information, see our PRODUCT page.


                          PEPPERALARM is more than just an alarm system. . .

it’s a real ROBBER STOPPER!


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